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bellastro construction inc

quality building solutions

consulting services

Bellastro Construction, Inc. offers a variety of community development and construction project consulting.


  • property condition assessment

  • feasibility studies

  • civil infrastructure planning

  • project pre-planning

  • risk management services

  • sound building fundamentals

  • construction project management

  • multi-family developments

  • schedule & budget control

construction services

Our mission is to build, repair, and to renovate commercial and residential sites.

We realize that our decades of construction, experience, and strong partnerships are the key to successful projects.

With our consistent goal of contributing to our community in a positive way, our client relationships grow stronger every year.

During the construction of any project, the coordination of the trades is an integral part of the process, especially with respect to the electrical and mechanical trades.

And as with all construction projects, safety is a top priority without exception. Every company and subcontractor that we work with is carefully tested and approved by our management teams.

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Our diverse experience demonstrates our ability to work on all types of technically demanding commercial projects.

Comprehensive and detailed project management brings consistency and predictability to our project performance.

We are completely dedicated to customer service and providing only the highest quality of work.

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Bellastro Construction, Inc. is one of the leading contractors for Pacific Northwest Tribal projects. Having worked with multiple tribal nations for many years, our team of experienced project managers and professional trades personnel have developed an understanding of the required processes that bring these projects to a successful completion.

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tenant improvement

We well know the critical time restraints involved with Tenant Improvement projects. To get the business utilizing the space up and running is a top priority.

Comprehensive and detailed project management brings consistency, quality, and predictability to our project performance.

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Our residential Project Management team has over 50 years of combined experience building and remodeling beautiful custom homes.

We take great pride in our quality workmanship and ability to work with fulfilling the goals of the homeowners and we have the ability to quickly adapt to the many changes in design that usually occur during the building process.


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Mechanical Room - Lo Res 2500x1600.jpg
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3 Tvs - Lo Res.jpg
Front Sidewalk - Lo Res.jpg
Sound Room - Lo Res.jpg
Outside Storefront - Lo Res copy.jpg
Commercial Hallway - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Mens Bathroom - Lo Res.jpg
Electrical Room - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Restrooms - Lo Res.jpg
TV Hallway - Lo Res.jpg
Breakroom 01 - Lo Res.jpg
Outside Soffit - Lo Res.jpg


Both Totem Poles Bldg - Lo Res.jpg
Bldg 18 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Under Eave Bldg 16 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Rood Corner Blddg 16 - Hi Res 032523.jpg
Classroom 03 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Bldg 16 End - Lo Res - 032523.jpg
Classroom 04 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Bldg 20 Front - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Framing Canopy - Lo Res.jpg
Completed Framing - Lo Res.jpg
Classroom 05 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Class Room 02 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Bldg 16 Front Angle - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Framing Canopy 02 - Lo Res.jpg
Finished Canopy - Lo Res.jpg

tenant improvement

Hallway 02 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Admin Lobby - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Lab 01 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Lab 02 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Kitchen 01 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Kitchen 02 - Lo Res 032523.jpg
Bath 02 - Lo Res.jpg
Ceiling Beam - Lo Res.jpg


BC House 07 - Lo Res.jpg
BC House 04 - Lo Res.jpg
BC House 01 - Lo Res.jpg
BC House 10 - Lo Res.jpg
BC House 03 - Lo Res.jpg
BC House 12 - Lo Res.jpg
BC House 26 - Lo Res.jpg
BC House 25 - Lo Res.jpg
BC House 23 - Lo Res.jpg
Kitchen House - Lo Res.jpg
Stairs House 14 - Lo Res.jpg
MB House 11 - Lo Res.jpg
Railing House 08 - Lo Res.jpg
Fireplace House 09 - Lo Res.jpg
Bath House 20 - Lo Res.jpg
LR House 24 - Lo Res.jpg
BC House 02 - Lo Res.jpg
Kit House 21 - Lo Res.jpg
Kitchen House 18 - Lo Res.jpg
LR House 22 - Lo Res.jpg
LR House 15 - Lo Res.jpg
BC House 19 B - Lo Res.jpg

about us

finding inspiration in every turn

After spending many years in the Construction Industry as a quality craftsman, John Quirarte decided it was time to start his own company. So, in 2002 he founded Bellastro Construction, Inc. that focused on both Commercial and Residential construction. Through the years as his company grew, he widened his focus to encompass Commercial, Residential, Tribal, and Tenant Improvement construction.

Now, after gaining many great client friendships through the years, Bellastro Construction, Inc. has become an established Construction company in the Pacific Northwest community that is both reliable and dependable.


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please‎ use the form or call us at 360-757-6252

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